Paraffin Extra ROLF Heater Oil / 16 Litres 1 Box/ Quick Delivery/ Exceeds C1 Paraffin.


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Paraffin Extra R.O.L.F. Heater Oil / 16 Litres 1 Box/ Quick Delivery/ Exceeds C1 Paraffin.

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Paraffin Extra R.O.L.F. Heater Oil / 16 Litres 1 Box/  Quick Delivery/ Exceeds C1 Paraffin.

The Box Contains four individual  4 Litre Cans of Paraffin Extra. 

Caldo Paraffin Extra is superiour to Standard Caldo Pre Pack Paraffin.

"Paraffin Extra"  Exceeds British Standard 2869 C1 Grade Paraffin.

Caldo Paraffin Extra is Superior to C1 Paraffin and Domestic Kerosene.

Paraffin Extra is ideal for your Electronic Paraffin Heaters  Inverter Qlima Zibro  Toyotomi  or KSP, Corona & Kerona Wick Heaters,  Paraglo Radiant 40, Zibro or Tosia Heaters. All Indoor Paraffin Heaters & Lamps.

Parfffin Extra Can also Be used in all Kerosene Heaters and Boilers.

It can also be used in Commercial Space Heaters, Parasene Green House Heaters and Tilly Lamps.

Each Can of Paraffin Extra Contains 4 Litres of Fuel which is ideal just to fill your Metal Inner Tank.

There are four Cans in a Box. So a Box holds 16 Litres in Total.

The 4 Litre Can is easier to store ,easier to open & easier to pour. Its also easier to dispose of the empty can.

We can deliver Paraffin Extra Nationwide to your doorstep.

Paraffin Extra is the New Modern Variant of PARAFFIN.
The Modern Fuel for all Paraffin Heaters & Lamps without the smell of Traditional Paraffin!

This is a specially modified Paraffin that significantly improves burning characteristics with virtually no odour or taint. A typical low Sulphur content below 5 parts per million and extremely low aromatic content makes PARAFFIN EXTRA user friendly and sympathetic to the environment. PARAFFIN EXTRA has a minimum Flashpoint of 70°C, making it safer to use than Traditional Paraffin.

•All the characteristics of Traditional Paraffin - but BETTER:
•No Paraffin Smell or Taint - Ideal for indoor use
•Ultra Low Sulphur - Kinder to the environment - particularly kind to greenhouse plants •Improved Burning Characteristics - a more advanced fuel in all respects
•High Flashpoint - Safer to store •User Friendly .

N.B. Please never use domestic kerosene in your Heater. Please always follow the safety Instructions that come with your heater. Always ensure that you have good ventilation and fit a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the rooms where the Heater or Gas Cooker or open fire is being used.

Please Note. Its very Important Not to allow Rain Water or any Moisture into your Fuel as this will damage your heater. Please ensure that if you are using this 4 Litre Can that you do not leave it with the Cap Off. Doing So will lead to Moisture getting into the Fuel. Some Customers do leave the Siphon in the Can and this causes problems. So please close up your can after use.

Please Note that the Battery Siphons do not fit these Cans. So you will need to buy a Funnel.

Store Upright. Store In External Outhouse.

Store your Heater  Fuel is in a dry External outhouse not in direct sunlight. Not to be handled by persons under 18 Years of Age.

If you are using a Different Brand of Fuel Currently in your heater and if you are changing to another Brand we recommend that you remove the existing Fuel from your Top and Lower Tanks in your Heater.

The MSDS  Data Sheet in PDF Format for this Product is available at the Base of this Page. 


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MSDS Safety Sheet

MSDS Safety Sheet for Paraffin Extra

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