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AutoSock snow socks for trucks


295 X 80 X 22.5

315 X 80 X 22.5

11.00 X 22.5

275 X 80 X 24.5

AutoSock will keep your fleet moving safely in snowy weather

AutoSock truck snow socks use friction technology and high tech materials to keep trucks moving safely in snowy weather.

If a pair of AutoSock is pulled over the driving wheels then the truck will gain enough grip to get moving again. It really is this simple!

AutoSock are ideal for fleet users who need to maintain their service levels in winter weather, but may not have invested in winter tyres. Many of our customers need them for moving safely around their depots, and for getting down to the salted main roads.

Be prepared for the winter by carrying a set of AutoSock in your vehicles. In summary:

  • fitting them is easy, before or after a vehicle gets stuck
  • fitting them requires no practice and no special training
  • they weigh less than 1kg and, being about the size of a folder shirt, take up minimal space in the cab
  • they're reusable until they become too worn - we will provide guidance on this. They can be used on tarmac for short periods (at slow speeds) until it’s safe to stop and remove them
  • they may be used with all electronic systems
  • they are TÜV approved and have full product liability insurance
  • they are made by AutoSock AS, a Norwegian company who invented and developed the vehicle snow sock concept, AutoSock AS owns the relevant patents
  • they always work!

Each set contains:

  • one pair of AutoSock
  • a pair of elbow length gloves to protect your sleeves from e.g. wet and dirty car bodywork

General driving tips

  • First of all, please read the instructions, especially the comment "Avoid spinning the wheels, extreme braking and acceleration, since this could damage the product."
  • The usual rules of driving in snow apply, i.e. pull off slowly, stay in as high a gear as possible, "anticipate" even more than normal, avoid hard braking.
  • The speed limit of 30mph / 50kph will seem quite fast enough on snow. It is a maximum speed, not a recommended speed!

How long will they last?

  • Fundamentally, the more you drive on clear roads / gritted tarmac, the faster they will wear out and the sooner you will need to buy another set.
  • They are a "Get you out of trouble" solution and are not intended for prolonged use. You will probably use them to get down to the gritted road, then you take them off ASAP it is safe to do so.
  • From the instructions: "The wear limit is reached as soon as 50% of the white road-contact fabric is worn out and the underlying black safety material has become visible."
  • You will find that small holes start to appear as they become worn. This is no big deal and will not affect their performance until it becomes obvious that they are looking ragged and well worn – then they need replacing. If they are ripped, this is due to snagging on e.g. a loose mudguard, a loose screw on a wheel arch liner, some other third party influence. (If you hear them catching on something, stop and sort it out!)
  • There are bands of Kevlar running across the AutoSock; these provide overall strength, help to prevent the socks from splitting after misuse, and help prevent holes from spreading.
  • Overall, use your common sense about how long to use them, and of course and where possible you should avoid potholes, raised manholes etc.
  • Don’t forget to remove your AutoSock at night. You don’t want them freezing to the ground!


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